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Many homeowners, especially those living in more rural areas, may at some point be faced with the choice of whether or not to have a stump removed from their property. One option that many homeowners turn to, is a professional stump grinding service. As the name implies, stumps are chipped away by a piece of machinery built to handle the task. This is a dangerous process and should be left to an experienced tree removal company.

There are several reasons one might consider grinding stumps, as opposed to other available alternatives. The obvious reason for most homeowners is appearance. Having a large stump in the middle of a well landscaped yard simply has no appeal.

Maintenance is another issue as mowing and trimming around a stump can be tedious and is not a particularly productive use of the homeowners time. Letting stumps decay naturally can literally take decades, and during that process, a rotting stump will result in uninvited pests that may harm lawns and surrounding plants and shrubs. Grinding is the best course of action by Layton's Tree Service, a Charlotte tree service company.

The fundamental principle behind a stump grinding machine is relatively straight forward. Carbide teeth, affixed to a large steel disk, or cutting wheel, rotate at high speeds and gradually chip away at the exposed material. The downward direction, and rate at which the disk travels, is controlled by an experienced operator positioned at a safe distance from the rotating wheel. Stump grinders range from walk behind machines, to large scale versions which often move under their own power. Regardless of the size, an experienced technician should be at the controls.

Although consumers have access to rental machines that will possibly get the job done, a professional operation also provides more than just equipment. Experience is a factor that certainly plays a role the decision to contract work. Homeowners will be happy knowing the job will be done quickly and efficiently with safety always being a concern. A professional Charlotte stump removal company will also take every precaution to determine if there are any underground utilities that could be in the path of the grinding machine. At the end of the day, any stump looks fantastic when it is gone. Homeowners can plant over the area, leaving the landscape looking as if there was never a tree.

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