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Layton's Tree Service Includes Tree Trimming

Trees can be damaged by all kinds of severe weather including Ice, snow, and high winds can easily snap or split tree limbs. If the damage is not addressed appropriately, the damage could cause irreparable damage to the tree. In some cases, damaged limbs pose a danger of falling and causing property damage as well. Some injured trees can be repaired by a homeowner, but other repairs need the expertise of a professional. When the damage cannot be repaired from the ground it is a good idea to consult a knowledgeable Charlotte tree service company.


CharlotteTree Removal

Each year tree damage causes homeowners millions of dollars in property damage. When trees break, they not only can damage property, but in unfortunate circumstances can cause injury or even loss of life. Fortunately, much of the tree damage that occurs can be prevented. If tree owners take the time to properly maintain their trees or have a Charlotte tree removal company discard the tree, the awful consequences of tree damage can be avoided.

Charlotte Stump Grinding Company


Many homeowners, especially those living in more rural areas, may at some point be faced with the choice of whether or not to have a stump removed from their property. One option that many homeowners turn to, is a professional stump grinding service. As the name implies, stumps are chipped away by a piece of machinery built to handle the task. This is a dangerous process and should be left to an experienced tree removal company.

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