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How to Identify Tree Damage

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How to Identify Tree Damage

Layton's Tree Services specializes in trimming and removing trees in the Charlotte area. There are many factors that determine if your tree needs to be completely removed. Some trees perish from old age, hunger, or thirst. Others were exposed to toxic chemicals, insects, diseases, or improper care. Many trees would be saved by searching for sign of damage. The following examples will explain what to look for when identifying tree damage.

Look for leaf discoloration, wilting, bronzing, or browning. Act quickly to call for assistance, especially if these are oak or pine trees. Orange or yellow spotting on leaves can be a sign of rust. The infectious period of this disease is in the spring. A professional may be able to save the tree, or prevent the spread of disease to nearby trees.

Check the position of the leaves. Dead leaves at the top of the tree could indicate root stress. Are the leaves twisted or curled? This could be insects, viral infection, or herbicide exposure. Look for any deformation in the size or shape of the leaves.

Check the trunk thoroughly. Look for loose or peeling bark. Make sure no fungi is growing around it. Sap should not be oozing out anywhere. Examine for any large cracks or holes. These allow insects and other agents to invade and destroy the tree. There should not be any growths or cankers on the trunk or the branches.

There are thousands of insects and pests that can damage trees. Some signs include scale formations, sawdust at the base, small holes, webbing, and chewed foliage. Spraying with chemicals is dangerous and may further damage the tree. Sometimes the pests identified on the tree are not the ones causing the damage. There may be an underlying problem that enabled the infestation in the first place.

It is particularly important to call a Charlotte tree service company, as they will be able to remove hazardous trees. Contact a professional before any problems occur is the best practice.

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