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How To Care For Your Tree During Winter

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Protect Your Trees For Winter

Winter is here and it's time to think about protecting your trees from the harsh wind and bitter cold. When the ground freezes the roots have a difficult time providing water to your trees. If your trees are planted near sidewalks or roads that have been salted, this can affect your tree's health. There are simple steps you can take to make sure your trees survive the long winter and stay healthy.


Wrap Your Trees:

A good way to protect your trees from winter's effects is to wrap all of your trees in burlap. This can help prevent winter burn. Winter burn is caused by rapid temperature drops and blowing winds that cause a loss of water from the leaves. This results in leaves that are brown in color. Wrapping your tree in burlap will help prevent this problem.

Step Up Watering:

Water your trees several times a week during the winter months or until the ground freezes. This will help to increase your tree's capacity to absorb water. If your tree doesn't receive the right amount of water it needs, it will be susceptible to root problems, illnesses and insect infestation, resulting in tree removal. People mistakenly think a tree doesn't need water during the winter months. Take care of your trees by establishing a watering routine for wintertime.

Trees Don't Like Salt:

In many areas where there is snow and ice, city workers commonly apply a salt mixture to sidewalks and roads. If your trees are located near these areas, the salt can leak into the soil. Trees that are located near busy streets are susceptible to salt spray caused by traffic. This can damage your tree's roots, leaves and branches. Once branches are damages, tree trimming would eliminate the safety risk to both people and property.When salt is absorbed by the roots, this can cause root dehydration. Adding mulch will help keep the roots hydrated and healthy.

Mulch Adds Insulation:

Applying mulch to your tree will help keep warmth in the soil and protect the roots from moisture loss. Adding mulch also keeps the effects of rapid temperature changes from damaging your tree. Apply mulch at least three inches in depth and 4-5 feet in diameter around the trunk before the first winter freeze or as soon as possible. Dark mulches will draw warmth from the sun and help maintain a healthy soil for your tree to thrive in the long winter season.

Layton's Tree Service offers tree trimming, removal, and stump grinding services, to ensure your property stays well landscaped and your home or office stays safe during storms and the winter months.

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