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Preventing Tree Damage

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Each year tree damage causes homeowners millions of dollars in property damage. When trees break, they not only can damage property, but in unfortunate circumstances can cause injury or even loss of life. Fortunately, much of the tree damage that occurs can be prevented. If tree owners take the time to properly maintain their trees or have a Charlotte tree removal company discard the tree, the awful consequences of tree damage can be avoided.

The Right Tree:

The first step in avoiding tree damage is to select the proper tree for the area of the country in which it will be planted. Check out a chart of hardiness zones, which will show the proper areas of the country for various tree specimens. By selecting a type of tree that will thrive in the zone where it will be planted will help to ensure that the tree grows up strong, which will be a major protection against future tree removal.

Growing the Tree:

Keeping the tree staked up for the first five to seven years of its life allows it to become strong. Trees supported by stakes develop a much stronger trunk, allowing them to handle much stronger winds and detrimental weather. This will greatly reduces the chances of damage occurring during a strong windy storm.

As the tree is growing, it will need to be pruned from time to time. Do not prune more from one side than another, because this will throw the tree’s center off-balance. That will make the tree grow distortedly and become weak. Make sure that you always try to trim branches before they reach an inch in diameter.

Maintaining the Tree:

When the tree becomes mature, it is inevitable that some limbs will die. Make sure to remove the dead limbs as soon as they become evident. Fallen branches cause a large percentage of tree damage.

Inspect the trees on the property regularly. Look for dead branches and look for cracks or hollows at the base of the tree. If they are present, then inspect the base thoroughly. Cracks and hollows at the base of a tree can be signs of rotting wood inside the tree. Read our previous blog, How to Identify Tree Damage as it discusses many factors that will help you determine if your tree is damaged. If any rot is found, then it is time to remove the tree and if not, then the tree could potentially fall onto the house during the next storm.

If you detect that a tree is dead, it's best to contact a Charlotte tree removal company, as they will be able to remove the tree immediately. Dead trees will fall over on their own at some point, and they may fall in a direction that leads to property damage.

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